Cable Girls: The Most “Girl Power” Show On Netflix

Hello people! After years (literally) I decided to show up in the blog and talk about a Netflix Original that stole my heart and that unfortunately, hasn’t received the recognition it deserves. I hope you like the post and do not forget to comment down below what you thought about the series or what you would like me to write next ❤


Cable Girls or “Las Chicas Del Cable” was the first Spanish series launched by Netflix and when I encountered it this holiday, I just couldn’t help but binge watch it! Set during the 20s in the city of Madrid, four women with totally distinct personalities and backgrounds, begin to work in a telephone company and as time goes by, they create an unbreakable bond.

Based on the preview, we think it’s a show only about friendship, but after watching one episode followed by another, we realize that there is much more to it than it seems. But to get a real taste of what it is all about, I’ll introduce the main characters and say what they contribute to the storyline.

cablegirls_108_00156r1Lidia Aguilar (or Alba Romero) played by the fantastic Blanca Suarez, had the dream of moving to Argentina with a friend, but an accident changes her plans and she pretends  to be a telephone operator in order to steal from the telefone company. In addition to being a woman that keeps her feelings to herself, Lídia follows the dilema of not getting attached to anything, nor anyone. However, when she starts working in the company, she reencounters her long lost love Francisco (Yon González) and finds herself in a love triangle, having to choose between her first love or the chance to start new life with the wealthy and lively Carlos (Martiño Rivas). Despite all this drama, as the plot develops she stops being selfish and starts to care about others around her, especially the other girls.

Carlota (Ana Fernández Garcia) is the feminist voice of this series. To begin with, she is the daughter of an aristocratic military officer and in her family lack of money is not an issue. Even so, Carlota fights for her independence and her rights as well as that of other women. I’m sure that if the character were in our generation, she would be the first present in the women’s marches as an activist.


Ángeles (Maggie Civantos), unlike the other girls, has worked as a telephone operator for years but had agreed with her husband that if he got promoted, she would leave work to take care of their daughter at home. Here is another current theme also present in our society which is the ideology of women as the famous “housewife.” And that is not all! Besides having to quit her job, her husband is abusive and cheats on her with several co-workers. Unfortunately, during that time women could not get a divorce until their spouse was dead and even if they tried, the law always favored men.

Now ask me why I consider this series as one of the most GIRL POWER nowadays!

Last but not least, comes Marga (Nadia de Santiago). A girl from the outskirts of Spain who moves to Madrid with her grandmother in search of a better life. Unlike the other girls, Marga is very quiet, sweet and innocent, and at first, the person least vocal about her ideals of all the characters in the show. However, as she becomes close friends with the girls and starts to feel a little something for Pablo (Nico Romero), she begins to realize her own worth and power. There is even a quote from her during a super funny moment in which she repeats to herself: “Head up, pride and self-esteem.”

In addition to dealing with issues about women, the plot has a mixture of suspense, mystery, drama, outstanding performances, wonderful soundtrack, impeccable costumes ,and so much more. We can  even admitt that it is a full package series. It encourages not onlythe female and but also the male characters to overcome their fears, to strive for deserved recognition, and to accept differences.

For those who are looking for tv show suggestions, make sure to add Cable Girls to your Netflix list. And also do not forget to tell me what you thought of it.

To end this post, I will leave you guys off with with one of my favorite quotes from this series:

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