Review: The Series of Unfortunate Events


Hello people! Bella here with another special post for you. Netflix has just released the long-awaited series, The Series of Unfortunate Events and many today must be relaxed on their couch binge-watching this release. For those unfamiliar with this title, The Series of Unfotunate Events is a collection of books written by Lemony Snicket that tell the story of Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire who after their house is destroyed by fire, become orphans and are forced to live with Count Olaf (a man who is only interested in the children’s heritage). After this, a series of misadventures happen in their lives and even in the attempt to flee from the count, he always manages to find them again.

Like many, I was super excited about the series’ debut, since I read almost every book in this book series as a child. So far, the series did not disappoint me and I’m having a lot of fun watching a series inspired by the books that marked my childhood. But I’ll warn you, this is not a happy story and like Lemony Snicket, I advise you not to watch it if you expect to watch a story with a “happily ever after.”

First of all, I thought it was a brilliant idea to give this collection of books a second chance, because in 2004, the adaptation of these books to the movies was not successful and did not receive the necessary amount for the production of a second film. Even with Jim Carrey, Meryl Streep and other actors loved by Hollywood in their cast, I found the narrative to be extremely overloaded since there were altogether 13 “squeezed” books in one film. However, the narrative is perfect for a series in which events can be broken down into episodes. Netflix divided the narrative this way, every two episodes equal to one of 13 books. In this first season, the audience will follow the Baudelaire’s trajectory of 4 books in 8 episodes. This was a functional method for events to flow in this adaptation differently from the previous one. But let’s turn our attention towards the real scene stealer of this adaptation. maxresdefault

Those who chose Neil Patrick Harris to bring to life this literary villain made the greatest choice. Although Jim Carrey did not disappoint in his portrayal of Count Olaf in the film, Neil Patrick brings “fresh air” to the show, since he is currently one of the most beloved comedy actors on television thanks to his comical role in How I Met Your Mother.

Another detail that satisfied me a lot in this new Original Netflix production was the creators’ choice of adding “Lemony Snicket” to narrate some scenes as if we were actually reading the book. This definitely put a smile on the face of the author’s fans and another “score for the Netflix team”.

Despite the morbid mood of the series because of the tragic events in the life of the Baudelaire orphans, the colors of the costumes and photography are sometimes vibrant and sometimes similar to the look of The Addams Family movie. The audience can easily be fooled if someone said the show was directed by Tim Burton, because the fanciful aesthetics of the series are reminiscent to his films “Edward’s Scissorhands” and “Big Fish and Their Stories.”

The casting of the orphans was also a bonus for Netflix, since the children are very similar to those described in the book and incredibly similar to those in the movie. In fact, I found the similarity of Violet Baudelaire from the 2004 film and that of the series to be impressive. I would definitely not imagine children any other way.

desventuras-em-serie-teaserThe makeup artists are also to be congratulated as they made Neil Patrick Harris unrecognizable not only as Count Olaf but also as the people he pretends to be throughout the story.

While faithful to the books, I agree with their decision adding new characters and keeping the children’s parents still alive. This prevents the show from being a “copy and paste” of the books and attracts much more attention of those who already know what happens in them. After all the unknown gives a necessary suspense for those who are watching.

Oh, and for fans of How I Met Your Mother, I assure you a surprise awaits in this series.

Overall, The Series of Unfortunate Events truly portrayed the books and anyone who was disappointed with Brad Siberling’s movie, can finally reconcile with television in this new series.

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All the love!

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