5 reasons to watch The Crown


Hello people! Bella here and today I will suggest another  tv show for you! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve finished watching The Crown, an original Netflix series. I really enjoyed it, and for those who also enjoy Netflix originals, royalty and England, this the best tip for you. The Crown tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II, the current monarch of England, shortly before the death of her father George VI to her early years as Queen. It’s incredible! Believe me, it even received three Golden Globe nominations this year, including “Best Television Series: Drama” and according to producer Andrew Eaton, six seasons with ten episodes in each are already “guaranteed.”

To convince you that this series is really worth it, I’ll list five reasons to watch it.

1: Written by Peter Morgan


The Crown’s screenplay writer also wrote the award-winning feature, “The Queen.” Undoubtedly, Morgan captures the essence of royalty and his scripts are beautifully crafted and engaging. There wasn’t a moment that the episodes stopped being interesting or their purpose no longer fulfilled, for in each one it is possible to imagine ourselves in the plot and we can understand the difficulty of governing a country and how the decisions of the queen and the cabinet can affect her family. Peter’s biographical drama about the reign of Elizabeth II, makes the public feel interest in knowing a little more about the day-to-day life of a Parliamentary Republic.

2: Sensational Cast


The cast is filled with great talents. It is not the first time that Claire Foy, actress who interprets the queen, plays the role of a monarch. She was also known for her performance in Wolf Hall as Ana Bolena. For such a magnificent performance as it has been so far, Claire did not have much preparation for her role in the series. Constant observation of the queen’s behavior and careful reading of the script, made her performance sensational and proved why she was chosen to incorporate the character. Those who also stood out and drew my attention were Matt Smith (interpreter of Prince Philip) and John Lithgow (interpreter of Winston Churchill). John Lithgow, who by the way is not a British actor like the others in the cast, did not left us with no further expectations and his interpretation was impeccable (including the performance that struck me the most in the show). He really did live up to the strong and even cold personality of the legendary Prime Minister Churchill, who despite health problems and a very advanced age, was very dedicated and responsible in his political role. These actors are only a few examples that stand out in the plot, which does not minimize the stardom in relation to the supporting actors who were also excellent even with the short time they appear onscreen or in the “spotlight” (those who watch the series will understand).

3: Looping


Although the episodes are in chronological order, there are flashbacks (known as the looping effect) of Elizabeth II’s childhood; these moments always relate to the theme of the episode. This is very nice because the public has an overview both of the beginning of her government in the second half of the 20th century and of her childhood. These flashbacks also contain moments between “Lilibeth” (Elizabeth’s nickname) and her father, who had always taught her important lessons about her future reign. These paternal counsels were of great help in making important decisions during her early years in the government. After all, she did not receive all the instructions of what a queen’s routine was like, nor did she have the experience to handle many political issues. Therefore, the looping effect is crucial for the understandment of the story as a whole.

4: It’s one of the most expensive Netflix productions


The Crown is Netflix’s most expensive drama production and it cost about 100 million euros to recreate everything from the clothing of Queen Elizabeth II to the coronation ceremony and her wedding. If Netflix has invested so much in this series to make it real and well made, why can’t we invest our time appreciating the result of this masterpiece production?

5: It’s based on a true story


What makes this series even more interesting is that it is really based on truthful situations. Each episode deals with important events during the early years of Elizabeth II’s reign such as the royal wedding, coronation, Princess Margaret’s forbidden romance and many other events that I won’t reveal with preocupation o giving spoilers. Those who did not know about the controversies and events in England during that time, will discover a lot of new information. In addition to this, it is helpful in history lessons, because the series is not a documentary and is narrated in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

Here is the trailer, watch without hesitation!

The series is really worth watching and covers various themes and different genres sch as drama, history, romance, mystery and prejudice with women in power. Oh, and a warning, the last episode of the first season will leave you in an ultimate cliffhanger. Even with the facts exposed on the Internet, do not research what happens next. The cool thing is to be surprised while watching the second season like any other series. I would recommend it without further ado.

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Many kisses to you all ❤


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