Getting to know: Lana Del Rey


Hello people! Bella here with one more post. Lately, I’ve been listening to different artists with different music styles, and all the time I’ve been thinking of writting about some of them. Without a doubt the singer that I am listening to the most is the glamorous Lana Del Rey, who you may or may not know. For this post, I’ll tell you a bit about the singer’s life before fame and her musical style, as well as introduce you to some of her songs that I love, in a playlist for you to listen to.

Lana Del Rey is the pseudonym of Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, a New Yorker born June 21, 1985. In a family full of beautiful voices, Del Rey would not be the exception. She began showing her vocal talent in the church choir from a young age, but she had a troubled adolescence and at the age of fifteen she was sent to a boarding school for alcohol abuse. At the same time she achieved sobriety and found in music a safe haven to speak everything she felt.

After graduating, Lana was accepted into the State University of New York, but decided to downloadturn down this university,move to Rhode Island with her aunt and uncle and work. During this time, her uncle taught her how to play the guitar and from there she began composing her own songs and performing them around the city using different pseudonyms such as Sparkle Jump Rope Queen and Lizzy Grant and the Phenomena. Even though she sang in many places, Lana returned to her studies and majored in philosophy at Forham University. In her spare time, Del Rey volunteered at retreats to help the young and the homeless recover from the addictions to alcoholism and helped build homes for the Indian reservation.

From 2005 to 2010, the singer tried to succeed under the name Lizzie Grant but later decided to change her name and direct her music to her new identity, Lana Del Rey. The name came after Del Rey spoke in Spanish with her Cuban friends and found that the name resembled a paradisiacal island, which resemble to her calm songs.

Her career led her to the top after her homemade video for the song “Video Games”. Critically acclaimed for her baroque, gothic and alternative pop style, very different from current pop, Lana’s success only increases and this also applies to her fan base. Nowadays, the singer has four successful albums.


Her first album, Born to Die, features songs inspired by her adolescence facing alcoholism struggles, along with her a past romantic relationship. The cd includes the famous singles “Video Games”, “Blue Jeans” and “Summertime Sadness”. Her second album Paradise, can be considered as a continuation of the first album, featuring  the singles “Dark Paradise” and “Ride”. Lana Del Rey’s third work, Ultraviolence, sold 880,000 copies in the first week of sales and described by the critics as “more stripped down but still cinematic and dark.” However, the album that showed Del Rey’s style the most was her most recent work, “Honeymoon”, because it is much more melancholic than her other records. It demonstrates the simplicity of the singer and how she wants to live a peaceful and normal life despite her success. Her hits “High by the Beach”, “Freak” and “Music to Watch Boys To” are on this CD.


Lana Del Rey is also much loved by the filmmakers and had the chance to be the voice behind soundtracks of movies such as “The Great Gatsby”, “Maleficent and Tim Burton’s “Big Eyes”.

To get to know this incredible artist’s work, I’ve created an exclusive playlist of my favorite songs from her:

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