The blog is now bilingual


Hello people! Bella here and I’m finally adding new posts to the blog. The cool thing is that they will now be available in both English and Portuguese. I’m super excited to now write in English so that my friends and people from other countries will be able to understand my posts, just like my Brazilian followers have until now.

The bilingual posts will work like this: I’ll first write and publish my post in Portuguese and then I’ll translate the same post to English and publish it. This way, in my blog’s initial page, the reader will choose what language they would prefer to read in.

I hope this will be an opportunity to open doors for people all around the world to follow the blog and still continue with my Brazilian audience. This is also an opportunity to have enough work in English to present to universities in the U.S. and Canada, on my college applications.

Many kisses to all of you and don’t forget to follow the blog’s Facebook page or subscribe to the newsletter to receive notifications of everything new that I add here. All the love ❤



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